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Will Rockstar Announce a New Game at E3 2021?

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 26, 2022
Will Rockstar Announce a New Game at E3 2021?

It is unknown if Rockstar will announce a new game at E3 2021. However, it is likely that the developers will showcase a new title, such as Red Dead Redemption. The 2010 release received widespread praise from critics and players. Rumors are rampant about a remaster of the game, and it would be a perfect time to do so. In any case, the developer has yet to comment on the rumors, but the announcement could be made at this year’s show.

Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 announcement:

Many were hoping to hear news of a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement at this year’s E3 conference, but it’s a bit premature to speculate. While Rockstar Games is known for making high-quality games that release slowly, the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise could launch sometime in 2021, perhaps as early as 2022. In the meantime, fans can still wait for a reveal later this year. For more information

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands spin-off:

Two of the biggest names in gaming are coming to E3 in 2021, with Gearbox Software and 2K Games showing off a variety of new titles. Gearbox is best known for the Borderlands franchise, which has received an impressive cult following and is being developed by the Borderlands team led by Randy Pitchford. The two companies are subsidiaries of Take-Two Interactive, which publishes numerous titles.

Just Cause developer Avalanche Games’ Just Cause 2:

The Just-Cause franchise began with Just-Cause, a third-person action-adventure game set in an open-world environment. Developed by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios and published by Eidos Interactive, Just-Cause is the first in the series. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The sequel, Just Cause 2, is already out in stores.

Warner Bros. Interactive’s Gotham Knights:

The latest Batman game has been delayed for quite a while, but it’s finally on track to be released in 2022. Warner Bros. Interactive first announced it in 2020, but the game has now been delayed until 2022. That makes it just in time for Halloween. But how will you know when to expect it? Here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Nintendo’s Switch console:

A recent datamining report has revealed a new game coming to Nintendo’s Switch console in 2021. It will be a sci-fi game. Nintendo announced the new sci-fi franchise, Star Fox, in January 2019. During the conference, the company promised to show off 40 minutes of info on upcoming software for the Switch console. This could be a hint at the game’s release date.

Take-Two Interactive’s Summer Game Fest:

This year’s Take-Two Interactive Summer Game Festival is focusing on indie games. The event was supposed to be part of GDC, but the organizers decided to hold the festival separately, and instead have a day-long indie showcase. In addition to game play reveals, there will be livestreaming and video games news as well as some musical performances. Here are some highlights of the show:

By John Amelia

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