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Tesla Liquor – Elon Musk’s Latest Joke!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 5, 2022
Tesla Liquor – Elon Musk’s Latest Joke!

It would be hard to find a booze company more focused on the future of transportation than Elon Musk, but his latest April Fools’ joke was a real treat. Tesla will now begin selling premium liquor at a price of $250 per bottle on its dedicated website, with delivery expected to begin in April 2021. While you might want to wait until then to try this booze product, it is certainly worth the wait.

Elon Musk’s April Fool’s Day joke starred a tequila:

On April Fool’s Day, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a picture of himself with a rusted bum car and tweeted, “Essential info: we are making a tequila called TeslaQUILA!” He also mentioned that they have registered the trademark for the name, but it’s unclear whether or not the tequila is actually available for purchase. Musk explained in a tweet that the trademark application was filed “based on intent to use,” indicating that he plans to manufacture the product in the near future.

After the tweets started coming in, the real Teslaquila has launched. The liquid comes in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle. Musk first mentioned the idea of a branded tequila as an April Fool’s Day joke, but then quickly filed a trademark application for “Teslaquila” after a Twitter user shared a teaser image of the bottle. Since then, the tequila has been officially launched as Tesla Tequila, and can be purchased online for $250. For more information

It’s made by Nosotros Tequila:

It’s made by Nosotros, a California-based company founded by Carlos Soto. Born in Costa Rica, Carlos Soto hatched the idea for Nosotros as a senior project at Loyola Marymount University. The pair were close friends, and share a passion for tequila. Carlos Soto explains the process behind making his brand.

Nosotros Tequila starts out tasting very different from any other agave spirit. This award-winning juice is a 50/50 blend of agave from two distinct regions. This process produces an exceptional tequila with both sweet and herbal notes. The agaves are harvested in the Highlands, which has extreme heat and little water. The resulting spirit has a smooth, balanced finish.

It’s available in select states:

Elon Musk’s latest alcoholic beverage is coming to select US states soon. The whiskey-like Tesla liquor is made by the same company that produces bourbon, vodka, and Canadian whisky. There are more than 100 labels in total. Tesla liquor is now available in select states, including New York, California, and Washington. It will cost $3.7 million for a bottle. Those who are interested in trying the alcoholic beverage should be aware of its edgy design.

Originally, the tequila was teased in an April Fool’s Day tweet. However, the limited supply was quickly sold out. The limited release of Tesla tequila has made it a hot topic on social media. While the product is made with agave, it can only be shipped to states that allow alcohol delivery. In the meantime, the company is promoting the tequila’s quality as an alternative to bourbon.

It’s 40% alcohol:

While it’s a little early to tell, Tesla’s tequila is already selling out. It costs $250 per bottle and can be purchased online, although the liquor will only be available in select states. The company initially announced the idea of launching a tequila brand last October and registered the trademark for Teslaquila. The bottle’s bottle design is similar to that of a tequila brand, but the label is different.

While the name of the company itself may seem a bit apropos, the fact is that the product is made in California by Nosotros Tequila. It has a nutty, vanilla and fruity aroma, with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish. It’s best enjoyed in a tulip-shaped glass. It’s also available in California, Washington, and New York. Tesla liquor is 40% alcohol.

By John Amelia

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