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LG Home Entertainment Announces Partnership With WebOS Developers RCA, Ayonz, and Konka!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 26, 2022
LG Home Entertainment Announces Partnership With WebOS Developers RCA, Ayonz, and Konka!

LG Home Entertainment has announced a partnership with RCA, Ayonz, and Konka to license the webOS Platform to third-party TV manufacturers. The partnership will allow webOS to be used in the development of smart TVs, Streaming services, and apps. Amazon Alexa will also be available for webOS TVs. The announcement of the partnership brings a number of new innovations to webOS.

LG Home Entertainment announces partnership with RCA, Ayonz and Konka:

The collaboration between the three companies is expected to help expand the reach of LG’s webOS TV platform. WebOS TV is a platform developed by LG, which includes many smart features. They include AI algorithms and voice search, easy connectivity, and access to a library of streaming services. As of today, more than 20 TV manufacturers worldwide have committed to the webOS ecosystem. Companies such as Realtek, Gracenote, and CEVA have also committed to the webOS ecosystem.

The new line of LG TVs will compete with other popular brands in the market. They include the 65-inch Star Wars Special Edition TV, which comes with features such as Darth Vader’s breathing, a gallery stand, and a wall-mounting option. The NanoCell product line will still be available. In addition, the company will begin licensing its webOS TV software to other manufacturers. This will help it compete with rival platforms like Amazon’s Fire TV and Sony’s Playstation 4. For more information

Platform will be licensed to third-party TV manufacturers:

LG has announced a licensing deal with webOS. The webOS 6.0 update includes voice commands for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a new full-screen home page, and Next Picks, which matches recommended content based on users’ viewing history. The deal also allows LG to license webOS to third-party TV manufacturers. Currently, there are over 20 third-party manufacturers of televisions using the webOS platform, including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and RCA.

In a separate announcement, LG announced it would make webOS available to other television manufacturers. While the company didn’t sign any big-name TV brands, it noted that more than 20 manufacturers have committed to webOS. The licensing agreement will include access to the webOS platform, the full suite of applications, and the UX/UI interface.

Amazon Alexa coming to webOS TVs:

Third-party webOS TV brands are expanding their support for webOS, and LG is no exception. The company has announced that Amazon Alexa will be added to its TVs in the third quarter of 2021. This new feature will be available in North America first, and will soon expand to European and Asian territories. Once the feature is available, webOS TVs will be able to take advantage of the voice assistant functionality by using their Magic Remotes to speak to Alexa. Users will be able to ask Alexa questions, open apps, change channels, and even tell jokes.

LG’s integration of Alexa with its webOS platform comes just months after the company began licensing the webOS platform to third-party manufacturers. Earlier this year, the company began supplying partners with less-capable versions of webOS. As of right now, LG’s webOS 6.0 TVs will be the first to support the feature, while 2020 ‘powered by webOS’ models will only run a scaled-down version of the software. The new update will roll out gradually in North America and then globally.

Streaming services and apps available on webOS:

There’s no shortage of streaming services available on the LG G2 evo Gallery Edition. Despite being the company’s brightest OLED to date, it offers amazing HDR pictures, impressive sound quality, and extensive gaming capabilities. The wall-mounted TV is also voice controlled and designed for an immersive viewing experience. Streaming services and apps available on webOS include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube, and others.

In September, LG began licensing its webOS platform to third-party television makers. The company added support for Disney+, Vudu, Pandora, HBO Max, and Sling TV to its line of third-party webOS TVs. Each of these services has its own restrictions, however, and support is only available on select webOS TVs. Some companies are limiting their streaming options to specific regions.

By John Amelia

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