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It Has a Laboratory Among Us!

ByJohn Amelia

Nov 22, 2022
It Has a Laboratory Among Us!

The second-largest map in Among Us features an imposter who can disable the Polus’ seismic stabilisers and trigger meltdowns. In order to deal with this threat, players must get two crewmates to the opposite side of the map and call emergency meetings. This map is also equipped with a security camera and a vital sign machine. This article will discuss a few of the other new features.

Polus is the second largest map in Among Us:

Polus is the second largest map in Survivor: Reign of Chaos. The original map was Polus, which had a large area with plenty of outdoor spaces and many buildings. However, the release of the Airship altered this area’s status to second largest. Despite the decrease in size, Polus still holds many options. For example, if you were to find a hidden building, you can hide there.

It has two decontamination rooms:

There are two decontamination rooms in Polus, which are located on opposite sides of the map. When the player enters a Decontamination room, the doors close and open to let the player move on to the next area. Players can choose to enter the Decontamination room from either side of the map. Both have 17 characters on each side. After completing the Decontamination room, they can enter the Specimen Room.

It has a security camera:

The choice is up to you, but be sure to consider the security features of the camera. The cameras are available in two forms: wired or wireless. Wired models use an AC power cord while wireless models use a Wi-Fi connection to transmit footage to a cloud-based server. Some wireless security cameras are compatible with smart home devices, such as smart locks and speakers. Some can even analyze footage and provide insights. In any case, the camera should be able to deter intruders.For more information

It has a vital signs machine:

The Checkme Pro Health Monitor is a newly released CE-approved smart all-in-one device that measures four of the five MEWS vital signs in under 25 seconds. As a CE-approved machine, it can be handled by the patient and may represent a significant change in daily patient monitoring. By reducing measurement time, inter-observer variability, and incorrect EHR inputs, the Checkme Pro Health Monitor could increase patient empowerment in the in-hospital setting.

It has a laboratory:

In a recent tweet, the developers of It has a Laboratory Among Us tweeted a picture of a stall in the game’s Polus map, where they revealed the presence of a white crewmate hiding behind a door. The tweet said “EXTREME POLUS LORE.” A follower of the Twitter account, jazzface273, verified that the character was indeed hiding in that stall.

By John Amelia

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