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How to Navigate the Its Lab Among Us Polarus Map!

ByJohn Amelia

Nov 23, 2022
How to Navigate the Its Lab Among Us Polarus Map!

If you’ve been playing the Among Us series, you’ve likely played the Polus map. This map allows you to explore both inside and outside of the arctic base. It contains fifteen rooms, including a decontamination chamber that seals you inside for a few seconds. The Polus map is a huge and complex place, and there’s plenty of stuff to see and do in this enormous ice palace.

Among Us’ first map:

Among Us has three maps at the moment. Another one is in the works, but all theories are based on the existing maps. These maps are primarily a cargo spaceship, the MIRA headquarters, and a base on the far-off planet of Polus. Each map has its own unique location and tasks, and the game will continue to expand its map selection with more content. Among Us’ first map features a new vent placement that makes this building seem even more mysterious.

Its unique vents:

The game’s vents are reliable ways to travel around the Polus map. They are positioned in corridors and are visible to security cameras. However, players can be vulnerable to imposters, so they should always travel in groups. Groups of three to four players are most effective. You can divide your tasks between the other team members, allowing for safe travel and enough time to complete each task.

Its sabotage options:

In PUBG Mobile, sabotaging is a popular method of defeating your opponents. The sabotage options in Polus map depend on the type of sabotage you’re trying to perform. Some of them simply disable the game’s emergency button, while others can stop the game’s player from doing something. Others add extra difficulty to navigation and escape. The Door Sabotage is a useful way to trap your crewmates, as it forces them to manually unlock a door in order to escape.For more  Visit here

Its lab:

The Its lab among us polus map contains plenty of information for every player to know. There are vents in each room, as well as a few visual tasks to complete. The map is very helpful for defeating crew members in vents and avoiding imposters. The map also features important links between rooms and the shortest routes through them. Here is how to navigate this map. Listed below are some tips that will make your life easier in the game.

Its spawn point:

Upon arrival at Polus, you’ll find two visual tasks. The first is scanning the boarding pass, which is represented by a red scanner. Once you’ve completed the task, a yellow triangle will appear on your left to highlight the boarding pass. The second task is a task that’s unique to Polus: destroying Astroids. You’ll need to do both of these tasks to defeat the Impostor.

By John Amelia

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