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Derrick Hayes Net Worth Revealed: 2023 Financial Overview

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 25, 2023
Derrick Hayes Net Worth Revealed: 2023 Financial Overview

Derrick Hayes, a dedicated CEO, takes immense pride in nurturing the future generation of business leaders. During his appearance on the show “Hip Hop & Enterprise,” the proprietor of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks generously imparts valuable tips and insights drawn from his own unique journey that propelled him into the realm of million-dollar success.

Originally hailing from West Philadelphia, derrick hayes later relocated to Atlanta, where he embarked on a remarkable journey of growth as both a restaurateur and philanthropist. In 2014, Hayes launched Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks as a means to blend his deep-rooted passion for community, gastronomy, and entrepreneurship.

What initially commenced as a modest water-ice shop within a 749-square-foot Shell gas station in Dunwoody, Georgia, has since flourished into the nationally recognized Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, boasting both brick-and-mortar and mobile locations across the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

Derek Hayes – A Biography

Derek Hayes, a renowned figure in the world of film direction, was born on December 8, 1977, in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. As of June 1, 2023, his estimated net worth stands at approximately $5 million.

Another notable Derek Hayes, born on December 8, 1977, in Dungannon, is a former British racing driver hailing from Northern Ireland. He carved his path through various racing series, including Formula Palmer Audi, Formula 3 Euroseries, NASCAR Busch Series, and British Formula 3. In the latter, he achieved a significant victory at Brands Hatch on July 8, 2001. Derek Hayes also participated in the prestigious 2001 Masters of Formula 3 race. After a full-time racing career concluded in 2004, he made a comeback to karting in 2011, notably competing in the Dan Wheldon Memorial Kart Race.

derrick hayes net worth

From Frozen Treats to Cheesesteaks: The Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks Journey

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks had humble beginnings as “Big Dave’s Water Ice,” an homage to the Italian ice found in Philadelphia. It all began in 2014 when Derrick Hayes set up shop in a gas station located in Dunwoody, Georgia. The decision to name the restaurant after his late father was deeply rooted in the inspiration he drew from his dad’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Recalling his father’s final moments, Hayes shares, “I watched my father die in front of me. He asked me to make him a promise: ‘I don’t want you to work like I did my whole life and have nothing to show for it.'” These poignant words spurred him to chart a different path.

Initially attempting to gain traction by selling frozen treats, Hayes faced challenges. It wasn’t until he pivoted to serving cheesesteaks that his fortunes began to change. However, his business continued to grapple with struggles until a serendipitous encounter with rapper, actress, and TV host Eve, herself a Philadelphia native, occurred.

With a sense of urgency and determination, Hayes prepared a chicken cheesesteak for Eve that would prove to be transformative. He recalls the moment, saying, “I’m cooking this chicken cheesesteak like my life depended on it. I said, ‘There’s no way that I’m going to have this opportunity right now and drop the ball,’ because I don’t have another opportunity. I don’t have another resource.”

Eve’s endorsement of that single bite changed the trajectory of his business and life. “Eve went on every social media outlet she had and said that the real deal cheesesteak is in the South, he’s from Philly, and y’all make sure you support this brother. The next day I had a line out the door.”

In August 2019, Hayes marked a significant milestone by opening his flagship location in downtown Atlanta. However, just months later, in March 2020, the pandemic forced him to temporarily close. During this challenging period, his store also suffered damage during the civil unrest following the tragic murder of George Floyd.

Amid these turbulent times, another restaurant owner extended a helping hand: Pinky Cole, the founder of Slutty Vegan, a plant-based food franchise. Their connection initially revolved around repairing Big Dave’s and engaging in community outreach during the pandemic. But something more profound blossomed—love. Derrick Hayes and Pinky Cole married in June, and they now have two daughters, with a son on the way.

Derek Hayes Net Worth and Income in 2023

Determining an individual’s exact net worth and monthly earnings can be a challenging feat, as wealth can be multifaceted and diverse. However, as of 2023, we can provide an estimate of Derek Hayes’ net worth, shedding light on his financial standing.

Derek Hayes, a figure of notable renown, has garnered considerable wealth over the years. While it’s difficult to pinpoint an individual’s precise assets and monthly income, we can rely on various sources to provide an approximate assessment of his net worth. As of 2023, it is estimated that Derek Hayes boasts a net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

derrick hayes net worth

Hayes, like many successful individuals, has likely accumulated his wealth through a combination of endeavors. While specific details about his income sources may not be readily available, it is reasonable to assume that his financial portfolio comprises earnings from his professional pursuits, which could encompass diverse fields such as business ventures, investments, or entertainment-related projects.

It’s important to note that net worth is a dynamic metric that can change over time, influenced by various factors including investments, career developments, and financial decisions. Therefore, Derek Hayes’ net worth in 2023 is a snapshot in time and may evolve in the future.


In conclusion, we delved into the intriguing world of Derrick Hayes’ net worth and financial standing in 2023. While determining an individual’s precise assets and monthly income can be a complex endeavor, we relied on various sources to estimate his net worth, which is approximately $1.5 million.

Derrick Hayes, a figure of notable renown, has likely accumulated his wealth through a range of professional pursuits, which could encompass diverse fields such as business ventures, investments, or entertainment-related projects. His financial journey reflects a testament to his achievements and success, underscoring the diversity of paths that can lead to financial prosperity.

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